Management of air cargo ULD containers is a critical, but too often overlooked, component of the air cargo logistics industry. During a single cargo movement, a ULD can be transferred between different parties as many as a dozen times. These handovers are highly manual and poorly tracked, encouraging a systemic lack of accountability and care for containers’ physical condition, which results in high rates of unnecessary damage and neglect of ULDs across the industry. Damaged ULDs cost the industry $475M annually in repair and replacement costs alone, and contribute to ground damage costs reaching $12B per year.

With CODEX’s AI-assisted inspections, airlines and ULD managers can finally get the critical insight they need into the state of their ULD fleet, including verifiable damage reports with visual proof and the liable party.

CODEX’s asset monitoring platform provides airlines and their partners with the actionable data they need to improve their operations, manage their liability, and make data-driven decisions about the management of their ULDs.