Brands, Producers & Channels

  • 100% confidence that products are within safety thresholds and meet social standards
  • Assurance that testing does not impede speed to market
  • Transparency and visibility of supplier performance
  • Ability to simply perform historical reviews
  • Respond to changing standards
  • Support sustainability and ethical sourcing goals with enriched data for consumers

Testing, Inspection & Certification Agents

  • Swift, low cost, low touch centralised testing
  • Eliminate mis-diagnosis risks
  • Remove testing bottlenecks and optimise Turn Around Time (TAT)
  • Expand the coverage of substance testing
  • Provide a clear audit trail where initial assessments are changed
  • Stay ahead of technical and regulatory developments
  • Provide greater range of services and value to clients

Regulators & Society

  • Peace of mind that products do not present a safety hazard
  • Increased expectation of end to end traceability, greater levels of sustainability and demonstrable ethical sourcing
  • Confidence that there is complete integrity in the testing and labelling process
  • Reduce regulator oversight and compliance management costs as supply chains evolve or as new public health risks are identified