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AI-enabled test analysis is powerful; it takes a complex, time-consuming problem in analytical chemistry, like GC-MS Testing, and uses data to solve it. ACIES is a fully auditable, holistic, AI-assisted system, that integrates seamlessly with existing operations and machines.

ACIES sets a new standard in radical control for testing and certification. By having consistent, accurate, and fast output, test labs, their clients and regulators, all, can trust the results.

ACIES By Virtual Control: Chemical Test Automation

  • ACIES uses machine learning to optimize sample analysis for GC-MS testing.
  • ACIES does this as part of an integrated 360-degree platform that ensures the entire lifecycle of an analysis is streamlined, from peak detection to report.
  • ACIES is a fully auditable, holistic, AI-assisted system, that integrates seamlessly with existing operations and machines.

ACIES Values To GC-MS Operators

ACIES is compatible with all popular GC-MS instruments Reports are standardized, automated, integrating into existing LIMS systems

Saves time by reducing amount of manual investigation work, the more you use solution, the less manual work is required. Hence, ability to cover all substances.

Powered by machine learning. Combining human and artificial intelligence to improve accuracy overtime adjusting to different requirements. Reduce dependency on humans. Hence, ability to improve consistency & reduce variability.

Ensure transparency and trust by providing interface for review and confirmation throughout the process. Hence, providing traceability of any changes made.

ACIES Core Features

ACIES and GC-MS operators work symbiotically, to generate optimized results.

Acies Exceeds Stakeholder Requirements..

Brands, Producers & Channels
  • 100% confidence that products are within safety thresholds and meet social standards
  • Assurance that testing does not impede speed to market
  • Transparency and visibility of supplier performance
  • Ability to simply perform historical reviews
  • Respond to changing standards
  • Support sustainability and ethical sourcing goals with enriched data for consumers
Testing, Inspection & Certification Agents
  • Swift, low cost, low touch centralised testing
  • Eliminate mis-diagnosis risks
  • Remove testing bottlenecks and optimise Turn Around Time (TAT)
  • Expand the coverage of substance testing
  • Provide a clear audit trail where initial assessments are changed
  • Stay ahead of technical and regulatory developments
  • Provide greater range of services and value to clients
Regulators & Society
  • Peace of mind that products do not present a safety hazard
  • Increased expectation of end to end traceability, greater levels of sustainability and demonstrable ethical sourcing
  • Confidence that there is complete integrity in the testing and labelling process
  • Reduce regulator oversight and compliance management costs as supply chains evolve or as new public health risks are identified