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Save your bottom-line from liability costs and boost your brand’s reputation


Protect and monitor your assets with real-time visibility and AI-driven insights


Optimise decision-making with blockchain-verified data and predictive analysis

About Virtual Control

We enable logistics enterprises to take back control by providing real-time visibility into the state of their assets and operations on a global scale.

Virtual Control protects logistics companies from liability issues before they hit the balance sheet. Whether it is the asset, the operation, or the goods themselves, Virtual Control can see it all through remote AI-assisted inspections. Our unique combination of AI, IoT, and Blockchain technologies protect our clients from staggering financial claims and brand risk.

Industries We Serve


CODEX’s asset monitoring platform provides airlines and their partners with the actionable data they need to improve their operations, manage their liability, and make data-driven decisions about the management of their ULDs.

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Ocean Freight

CODEX machine-learning and monitoring platform creates a trusted data ecosystem to optimize and control critical operations in sea-bourne logistics and freight forwarding, unlocking a superior level of visibility across global networks, including verifiable damage reports with visual proof.

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Medical Supply Chain

CODEX’s remote AI-inspection capability mitigates supply chain risks for these high liability and life saving goods by introducing verification and visibility checkpoints to multiple stages of this US $78 billion value chain.

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Testimonials & Recognition

“With COVID vaccines starting production..

With COVID vaccines starting production and [pharmaceutical] ULDs that need moving/monitoring [Virtual Control’s] solution becomes even more relevant.

Arnaud Lambert, IATA One Record
“High business impact..

[Virtual Control’s] proposed solution has a high business impact. The judges also liked that their product was ready to be built on and that gave confidence that future piloting would have a high chance of success.”

Elton Fong, VP of PSA unboxed,
Judge for Oceans of Opportunities 2020
“A perfect candidate..

ULD asset control is a perfect candidate for today’s rapidly evolving technologies as is clearly evidenced by Virtual Control’s success in the [IATA] One Record Hackathon.

Bob Rogers, ULD Care

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